About us

VekaWedding has long become an exemplary wedding dresses manufacturer, the name of whichsounds familiar to everyone in the industry. All this is thanks to our founders and professional tailors, with long-term experience in the wedding business.

Experience is the Best Teacher

The company monitors fashion and brings its vision into it from year to year. VekaWedding is a special brand that is in tune with the times, has its new look at fashion trends and wedding business in general. We adhere to the best traditions, discovering new interesting design features. The company does not chase the fashion and does not copy its colleagues. We have a special way, which provides a satisfactory solution to the variety of needs of modern brides.

Approved Manufacture is Half the Success

Every wedding dress manufacturer is just obliged to control the quality of products that are supplied to partners and end-consumers. We succeeded with setting up an ideal system of manufacturing and quality control. Fast and cohesive work without loss of quality, gives amazing performance and let admire the professionals’ work. Brand wedding dresses require high level of accuracy, as image of the company is above all. And we guarantee our high quality for every bride.

Ideas of the Designer - Inspiration for the Whole Company

Creative approach to work and incredible practical skills guide every collection. We come up with new models, which become popular with the light of speed. Our specialists choose only quality materials to realize their bold ideas. VekaWedding is the brand that works with reputable supplier of textiles, which allows us to be confident in the quality of material used to create wedding fashion masterpieces. Novelties from our designers, made using new technologies with selected materials, are enjoyed by brides in many countries. We continue building our dealer network and supplying our goods to anywhere in the world. Our company gained the trust of domestic and foreign partners, thanks to the excellent quality and beauty of the products. We know exactly what do brides need and how to turn a girl into an incredible princess on the day of her wedding. VekaWedding is quality, relevance and dedication. The dresses designers and tailors are the guru of the wedding world market. Therefore, our products have sterling reputation and are in a great demand.